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Invest in Pax

Pax is able to promote the peace of Jesus in the 21st century through individuals who are willing to partner with us through one-time and on-going financial giving. Give now and you can make a difference and help us reach the next generation for Jesus.

Institutional Ally

Pax is all about joining hands with churches, non-profits, for-profit companies, and activists that are looking to see Jesus change the world. We have a number of different partnerships based on the needs and desires of our partners.

License Material

We offer content licences for organizations that want to use our material for training, Bible studies, church events, or outreach. We offer a range of options. Interested? Let’s talk.

Joint Events

Pax means that we do things together. If you are interested in having Pax support your event or you want to host an event with us, let’s talk.

Resource Sharing

Pax means that no one goes without and everyone has enough. If you share this value and like our mission, then let's talk. We are open handed.

StoryArc Creation

We have a custom discipleship pathway called the Pax StoryArc that is meant to help followers of Jesus understand their faith better. If there is a specific topic that you want us to tackle that helps you push the mission of your organization forward, let’s talk.