When exactly are the fellowship gatherings?

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The live Zoom sessions will take place on Tuesdays, 4pm-6pm PT / 7pm-9pm ET. You will meet with your leaders and peers in these Zoom sessions on September 12, 19, and 26; October 10 and 24; November 14; December 5 and 19; January 16 and 30; and February 6.

There will be pre-recorded sessions and activities for you to complete during the weeks of October 2, October 16, November 6, November 27,  December 11, and January 22.

The in-person retreat is January 7-11, 2024, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The program will not meet during the holiday weeks of November 21, December 25, and January 1.

Do I have to have professional experience as an artist, writer, storyteller, or social entrepreneur to apply?

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No. We welcome anyone who has a serious interest in these fields to apply. If you have worked professionally in these fields for five years or less, you are also welcome to apply.

Is the fellowship only for people of color? Is it only for Christians?

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We at PAX place a high value on diversity and elevating voices that are usually on the margins. That’s why we are committed to providing this safe space for BIPOC young adults. If you do not identify as BIPOC but the values and ethos of PAX resonate strongly with you, you are welcome to apply.

Much of our curriculum will center on the life and teachings of Jesus. In addition, all the leaders and mentors of the fellowship are Christian. If you do not identify as Christian but would enjoy having extensive conversations about faith and what we can learn from Jesus and the Bible, you are welcome to apply.

How is this different from the many cohorts that exist?

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We learned from best practices in education, training, and internship programs as we put together this fellowship. But there are a few aspects about the PAX Fellowship that are particularly unique:

  • The focus on young BIPOC Christians and led by a team that is almost entirely BIPOC
  • The intentional intersection between faith, justice, and vocational discovery
  • An emphasis on contemplative practices, spiritual direction, and caring for your mental and spiritual health
  • Offers four unique tracks that focus on industries in which people of color are often underrepresented

What do spiritual grounding and vocational discovery actually mean?

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When we talk about spiritual grounding, we are referring to: 1) theological knowledge and understanding about who God is and who you are; 2) a regular rhythm of spiritual practices that are simple, meaningful, and easy to engage with; and 3) having a community of peers and mentors of faith to support and encourage you throughout the journey.

Vocational discovery is the experience of exploring your unique calling in the kingdom of God. This entails understanding your own gifts and passions, how those could be practically applied in our current economy, and seeking opportunities for kingdom impact in our work. Exactly what this looks like will be different for every individual, but our hope is that fellows will complete the program with significantly greater clarity on their professional goals and have far more resources to pursue those goals in balanced and faithful ways.

What is the total cost of the program? When do I have to pay?

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Your total cost for the program will be the tuition of $750.00 + the cost for you to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona, for the in-person retreat in January 2024, at the end of the program. (Those who apply by April 30, 2023, are eligible for a $50.00 discount on tuition.)

Upon acceptance into the fellowship, a nonrefundable deposit of $250.00 is required within seven days to secure your spot. The remaining balance of the program tuition is due August 1, 2023. (See next question for payment plan information.)

It is your responsibility to arrange your transportation to the retreat, whether it is by plane, train, bus, car, or some other mode. If you need to purchase a ticket or rent a vehicle, we recommend doing so at least one month in advance.

Is it possible to pay the program tuition in installments? Are scholarships available?

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Yes. Once your deposit is paid, please notify us if you need to pay the remaining program tuition in installments. We will work with you individually to establish a payment plan that meets your needs and ensures that the tuition is paid in full before the end of the program. Please note that any failure to follow the agreed-upon payment plan may result in dismissal from the program.

We have a very limited number of scholarships available for qualified applicants who are not able to cover the cost of the full tuition. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please email hello@madeforpax.org to receive a separate scholarship application.

How many fellows will be in the program?

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There will be 30 to 50 fellows in the program, divided across the four different tracks. Within each individual track, there will be up to 15 participants. We have intentionally limited the number of participants to ensure that everyone gets personalized attention and support.

Why are there four different tracks? How are they different? How are they similar?

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Given that the focus of the fellowship is on vocational discovery, we want to tailor the experience based on fellows’ fields of interest. PAX will be leading the tracks for digital artists and writers because we specialize in the intersection of art, faith, and justice. Our trusted partner organizations, Freely in Hope and Homily, will lead tracks in their areas of expertise: storytelling for survivors of sexual violence and entrepreneurship, respectively. These are all fields in which we would love to see more young Christian BIPOC leaders and professionals.

All four tracks will go through the first module of the curriculum together, which focuses on spiritual grounding and contemplative practices. Then, beginning in the second module until the end of the program, the different tracks will have different leaders and mentors who bring relevant expertise, and the curriculum will become more focused on the industry in question. That said, each track will follow a similar structure and cover similar topics, so that each fellow will hopefully have a comparatively rich experience.

The final in-person retreat in January 2024 will include all the fellows across all four tracks. There will also be other digital gatherings along the way with the entire cohort, so fellows from different tracks will be able to stay connected to one another.

Can I participate in more than one track?

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No. We ask you to pick a focus so that we can delve deeply into it and ensure that you get as much as possible out of it. Over the course of the fellowship or even afterwards, you are welcome to engage with peers, leaders, and mentors from other tracks if you would like to learn more about a different field. You’re also welcome to apply for the fellowship again in future years if you would like to experience another track from beginning to end.

What if I'm older or younger than the 20-35 range?

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Our desire is to bring together a cohort of young adults who are in a similar life stage and may be wrestling with similar questions and concerns. If you are younger than 20, we hope you will consider applying to a future PAX Fellowship cohort when you reach the age of 20. If you are older than 35, we hope you will seek other similar opportunities for your age group. 

However, if you are within one or two years of our age limit and feel strongly that this is the right time for you to participate in this fellowship, you are still welcome to apply. Make sure to explain to us why you want to be part of the fellowship this year in your application.

I want to join the fellowship but I don’t fit into any of the offered tracks. Should I still apply?

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No. In future years, the PAX Fellowship will likely feature different tracks for young adults interested in other industries and professions. Please check back with us in 2024 to see if our next Fellowship cohort fits your interests and experiences.

What if I can’t attend all of the sessions but I still want to join?

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Attendance of the opening gathering in August 2023 and the closing in-person retreat in January 2024 in Scottsdale, Arizona, are mandatory. You can miss up to two digital sessions over the course of the entire program, with the expectation that you will watch the recordings afterwards and keep up with assignments. If you know that you will need to miss more than two digital sessions, then we encourage you to consider applying for the Fellowship next year.

I have other questions that are not addressed here. Whom do I reach out to?

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Please feel free to contact the PAX staff team at hello@madeforpax.org. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.

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To apply for the fellowship, complete the online application by June 30, 2023. The early bird deadline for discounted tuition is May 31, 2023.