Pax Pedagogy

Jesus-Centered. Slow. Critical. Beautiful. Active.

Pax seeks to offer a counter discipleship model to the formational agenda of our present digital age. Through our Pax StoryArc, we hope that our pedagogy shines through and is a powerful medium for reaching the next generation. Jesus-centered. Slow. Critical. Beautiful. Active. Below are the five key spiritual and educational underpinnings by which we create and project the love, safety, and boldness of Jesus into the twisted internet.   


We center our content, message, and educational material around Jesus.

If there was one person we could all stand to focus more on, it is Jesus. If we could all divert a measure of our digital time in the direction of someone worthy, it is Jesus. Jesus was around loving the world long before the internet ever existed, and his message, salvation, and enduring legacy will span far beyond the crumble and decay of our digital era. Jesus died to liberate and save all the lost people following the dying star located in their hand. We, at Pax, desire to center everything we do on the person, work, and kingship of Jesus. His is the hope. He is the solution. He is our King.


We believe in the slow movements of spiritual formation in a climate of fast-food discipleship. 

We follow a tri-annual publishing calendar in order to take our time on each theme that our audience chooses. Why? Because you cannot expect the type of fast-food spiritual formation that most Christian outlets offer. An online article titled “Seven Ways To Live Like Jesus” or “Why Christians Should Not Vote For Senator Whoever” are more likely to reinforce your preconceptions than they are to actually form you into a new person. Outside of God’s immediate intervention in your life; it takes much longer to change the heart, mind, and feelings of a person. If we are really going to become different people and change the world then we must sit with ideas, look at art, and build new habits of our heart that form us over time.    


We believe that spiritual formation should be led and geared towards those who historically inhabit spaces from the margins.

Jesus teaches us that education, discipleship, and spiritual formation are not morally neutral endeavors. Rather, Christian education is rife with power dynamics, colonial engagements, and a spiritual darkness that bends towards the unjust status quo. It is the intention and goal of Pax to challenge anything that stands against the flourishing and peace of all people, including people, cultural narratives and expressions. Jesus promotes a spiritual formation that is suspicious of the norm. We created a discipleship pathway called the StoryArc that centers voices of color, which can both unpack the very lies that uphold the darkness surrounding us and offer new ways of thinking.


We believe that well curated art and aesthetically pleasing content are key to changing the world.

What are the gateways to the human heart? The enlightenment and the modern era have failed us by teaching that if we have enough information, maintain crystal clear thinking, and produce enough machines to guard the world from war and hunger, we will all be saved from the darkness that lurks under the surface of humanity. The experiment, however, has failed. The kingdom of God brings colors unseen, worlds unreached, and poetry unwritten that all declare the peace of Jesus over all. This is resurrection. This is God’s love and truth. This is the way of Pax. And we seek to both illustrate and unpack this through unique digital experiences, using words, sounds, visuals, and creative resources to offer a new way forward.


We believe in a spiritual formation process that connects our feelings and thoughts to a changed world. 

Knowledge is useless without putting it to work. The last part of our discipleship pathway (we call the StoryArc) ends with a section called Motion that puts the truths, feelings, thoughts, and new forms of knowledge to work. In this section, we call our participants to an active faith in Jesus that seeks to listen, learn, and live out the truths discovered in the StoryArc. If faith without works is dead, then we want a faith that is active and growing.