The Pax StoryArc™ is a                                publication created by people of color that helps us become more like Jesus.


ISSUE 07: 

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In this moment, many are deconstructing their Christian faith in light of complex issues of race and justice. Unfortunately, few resources exist which can help people navigate this thorny terrain and reconstruct a healthy faith in Jesus.  Pax is one of the few places I trust to refer those on this journey."

Robert Chao Romero
Ethnic Studies Professor at UCLA and author of Brown Church: Five Centuries of Latina/o Social Justice, Theology, and Identity.

Founded, led, designed, written by Jesus followers of color - for young people of color - this new periodical is PURE POWER! Start on the homepage and click ‘Start Here.’ You will move through an experience you will not forget."

Lisa Sharon Harper
Founder and president of Freedom Road

Pax isn't merely informational, it's transformational media that invites all God's children to see themselves in the story of the Divine, not divorced from the majority narrative. It gives a voice and platform for critical voices for this cultural moment." 

Tiffany Bluhm
Author of Prey Tell: Why We Silence Women Who Tell the Truth and How Everyone Can Speak Up and cohost of the Why Tho Podcast

There are times you get invited into projects that share the same vision and values, and it almost feels too good to be true. Pax is one of them for me. I’m in awe to be among so many incredible writers, artists, poets, sheroes, and heroes of mine. The vision and sounds of the combined prophetic voices of my generation and the ones before us bring me hope and I pray will bring you hope as well.”

Jocelyn Chung
Lettering artist and graphic designer