We inspire the church to seek peace and justice

PAX is a Christian nonprofit that provides beautiful, contemplative, Jesus-centered programs and resources created for people of color.

What We Do

We invite you to grow as an everyday peacemaker in your community through our unique, multisensory experiences and resources.


We inspire the church to embody the peace and justice of Jesus through contemplative formation.


We envision everyday peacemakers building toward a more beautiful and liberated world together.

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Our values


Everything we do revolves around the Way of Jesus.


We are fully present to God, ourselves, each other, and our world in a way that allows us to respond with loving action.


We seek to be conscious of aesthetics in everything we create as a reflection of Creator God.


We prioritize the voices, experiences, and perspectives of our BIPOC neighbors within our organizational life.

Next Generation

We prioritize the needs, questions, and faith concerns of Gen Z and Millennials.

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The PAX Fellowship trains the nation's emerging BIPOC justice-minded adults (aged 25-35) at the intersection of contemplative formation and vocational development. This seventh-month fellowship provides teaching, mentorship, peer discussion, and experiential projects facilitated by world class faculty to foster God’s shalom and justice in the world.

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Tiffany Bluhm

PAX isn't merely informational, it's transformational media that invites all God's children to see themselves in the story of the divine, not divorced from the majority narrative. It gives a voice and platform for critical voices for this cultural moment.

Tiffany Bluhm,

author, speaker, podcast host
Robert Chao

In this moment, many are deconstructing their Christian faith in light of complex issues of race and justice. Unfortunately, few resources exist which can help people navigate this thorny terrain and reconstruct a healthy faith in Jesus. PAX is one of the few places I trust to refer those on this journey.

Robert Chao Romero

professor of chicano/a studies and asian american studies
Sheridan Smith

PAX has equipped our congregation to have biblically rooted, gospel-centered, culturally informed conversations with people from our community. Most of our neighbors have suffered injustice and live without peace. Many know the name of Jesus, but don't know that he wants to bring them healing and hope. PAX prepared us to contextualize the message of Jesus to speak the language of our neighbors with truth and compassion.

Sheridan Smith

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Since its founding, PAX has become a leader in contemplative formation and Jesus-centered content by and for people of color


Resources Created

PAX develops unique, beautiful, and spiritually rich resources for BIPOC Christians and churches


BIPOC voices elevated

PAX features leading BIPOC theologians, experts, artists, and everyday peacemakers whose perspectives can transform our faith


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