The PAX Fellowship

You're the future of the church, we'll help you take your place.

At PAX, we gather the nation’s emerging BIPOC Christians for a seven month journey at the intersection of contemplative formation and vocational development for peace and justice.

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    Gather virtually for vibrant community with others. 

    Learn from world class experts to advance your craft and call.

    Root yourself in contemplative practices for social change.

    Historically, as BIPOC Christians, we haven't had the necessary access, resources, or mentorship to further our journey of faithful work in the world. At PAX, we're committed to changing that. Empowering you to fully flourish for peace and justice. At the intersection of contemplation and development, the PAX Fellowship consists of 10 expert facilitated cohorts to provide you mentorship, community, and networking opportunities to become all you were destined to be.  

    PAX Empowers:

    Learn how to incorporate faith, justice, and the social good into your creative art.

    Community Builders
    Develop your community building skills around organizing, advocacy, and policy for social renewal.

    Church Leaders
    Grow in wisdom and maturity alongside others serving in church spaces.

    Deepen your understanding of contemplative activism and spiritual formation for peace and justice.

    You'll Receive:

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    Focused Teaching

    Learn from world-class experts in your area of focus.

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    Peer Learning + Networking

    Join others at your stage of life to shortcut the distance on your vocational journey.

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    Group Spiritual Direction

    Attend contemplative sessions for mental health and spiritual life.

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    Contemplative Curriculum

    Develop practices rooted in contemplative activism to ground your vocational development.

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    PAX Certificate

    Receive a professional certificate to add to your resume.


    Hear From Our Alumni

    About the PAX Fellowship

    A seven-month fellowship of virtual sessions that includes teaching, discussion, mentorship, spiritual direction, contemplative practices, and community building for peace and justice.

    For adults of color, around ages 25-35, who seek teaching, mentorship, networking, and community around vocational development and contemplative formation.

    Virtual gatherings: September 10, 2024 to March 18, 2025, twice a month for the duration of the program. Break during the month of December.

    Upon acceptance, you will also be invited to schedule a one-on-one virtual meet up with our Executive Director, Tiffany Bluhm, for the purpose of getting to know you at your convenience between the months of June and August.

    $150 payment due within 7 days of application acceptance. The true cost of the fellowship is $3270 but generously subsidized by donors and grants to offer fellows a one-time tuition of $150.  

    If financial hardship is a roadblock at this time, please indicate it within your application as we now have some scholarships available.

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    List of Cohorts

    Cohort Facilitators listed below.

    Artists Cohort

    Led by Dea Jenkins

    Ideal for photographers, painters, sculptors, digital artists, and artists of other modalities to integrate justice and faith into their art.

    Community Organizers Cohort

    Led by the Organizing Institute

    Ideal for individuals interested in leading or pursuing a career in organizing for change; transforming congregations and communities.

    Contemplative Activism and Spiritual Formation Cohort

    Led by Jenai Auman

    Ideal for leaders from varied disciplines, therapists, those in helping professions, spiritual formation or discipleship pastors or leaders.

    Emerging Writers Cohort

    Led by Michael Stalcup and Chanté Griffin

    Ideal for emerging writers who wants to explore a writing career (fiction or nonfiction) or new writers with less than three years of experience in the field.

    Intermediate Writers Cohort

    Led by Dominique Gilliard

    Ideal for the established writer who wants to take their writing to the next level in a mentor and peer environment.

    Justice, Advocacy, and Policy Cohort

    Led by Josue Perea

    Ideal for individuals interested in furthering their activism and understanding of policy to enact change on the community and national level.

    Pastors Cohort

    Led by Bishop Fredrick Johnson

    Ideal for pastors, men and women, in local churches looking for mentorship by a facilitator of color on their pastoral journey.

    Poetry Cohort

    Led by Arielle Estoria

    Ideal for emerging and intermediate poets who want to stretch and grow in their poetry skills.

    Women in Ministry Cohort

    Led by Afrika Afeni Mills and Dr. Catherine Gilliard

    Ideal for women in church, para-church, nonprofit ministry, or missionaries.

    Worship Leaders Cohort

    Led by Danielle Johnson

    Ideal for worship leaders at any stage of their development.

    APPLY TODAYFrequently Asked Questions

    Cohort Facilitators

    Afrika Afreni Mills
    Afrika Afeni Mills

    Afrika Afeni Mills, MEd, is the Founder and CEO of Continental Drift, LLC, Education Consultant, Adjunct Professor at Boston College, and author of Open Windows, Open Minds: Developing Antiracist, Pro-Human Students. Her TED-Ed Talk, Four Ways to Have Healthy Conversations About Race has over 1 million views. Afrika has been an educator and involved in ministry since 1999, leads the discipleship ministry in her faith community, and is part of Transforming Center’s spiritual formation community.

    Arielle Estoria
    Arielle Estoria

    Arielle is the Co-Author of two self-published collections of poetry: Vagabonds and Zealots (2014), Write Bloody Spill Pretty (2017) which can both be found on and in 2016, released her EP of poetry and music titled Symphony of a Lioness. In March 2023, Estoria released her first solo book of poetry titled, THE UNFOLDING an invitation to come home to yourself, with Harper One available wherever books, e-books and audiobooks are available.

    Dr. Catherine Gilliard

    Rev. Dr. Catherine Gilliard currently serves as Superintendent of the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Southeast Conference and an adjunct professor at North Park Theological Seminary. She has served as the only African American member of many of the denomination’s leadership boards, commitees, and commissions. In her last pastorate, before her current call, she served as co-pastor of New Life Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Chante Griffin
    Chanté Griffin

    Chanté Griffin is a contributing writer for The Washington Post, Faithfully Magazine, and L.A. Parent. Her articles, essays, and interviews have appeared in numerous other publications. She is an advocate who uses media and the arts to advocate for the issues such as race and faith.

    Danielle Johnson

    For almost 25 years, Danielle's voice has been ushering the global church into the presence of God through captivating worship experiences and inspiring messages. She's led worship across continents, from New York to New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Morocco, and beyond. Rooted in her hometown of New York, Danielle continues to share her gift nationwide alongside her husband, Andre Johnson. Beyond touring, she actively serves in her local church and spearheads her para-church organization, Worship In My City.

    Dea Jenkins

    Dea Jenkins is an award winning interdisciplinary artist originally from Houston, Texas. Dea's art practice spans multiple fields, including visual art, performance, and film. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and is currently developing multiple multimedia projects. She has a dual master's degree from Fuller Seminary with an emphasis in Theology and the Arts. In addition to her art practice, Dea is also an independent curator and the Director of the Inbreak Collective.

    Dominique Gilliard

    Dominique DuBois Gilliard is the Director of Racial Righteousness and Reconciliation for the Evangelical Covenant Church. He is the author of Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores, which won a 2018 Book of the Year Award for InterVarsity Press and was named Outreach Magazine’s 2019 Social Issues Resource of the Year. Gilliard’s latest book, Subversive Witness: Scripture’s Call to Leverage Privilege won the Englewood Review of Books 2021 Book of the Year award.

    Dr. Fredrick Johnson

    Rev. Dr. Fredrick Johnson, Sr., serves as senior pastor at First Genesis Baptist Church in Rochester, NY. Under his pastoral leadership, the First Genesis Baptist Church has experienced membership and spiritual growth. Dr. Johnson has participated in every facet of church ministry with a passion for evangelism, teaching, preaching, and community building. He earned a Doctor of Ministry (2007) and his Masters of Divinity (2001) from Northeastern Seminary and his MBA (1994) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Jenai Auman

    Jenai Auman is a Filipina American writer, artist, and author of Othered. She draws from her years in church leadership as well as her trauma-informed training to write on healing, hope, and the way forward. She received her bachelor's degree in behavioral health science and is currently pursuing a master's in spiritual formation at Northeastern Seminary. Jenai lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, Tyler, and their sons, Quinn and Graham.

    Josué Perea

    Guesnerth Josué Perea serves as Executive Director of the afrolatin@ forum, Co-Curator of the AfroLatine Theology Project, Co-Producer of the documentary "Faith in Blackness: An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality”, Co-Host of the podcast Majestad Prieta, and Associate Pastor at Metro Hope Church. His perspectives on AfroLatinidad have been part of various publications including the New York Times, the New Yorker, and Sojourners & he has written for Let Spirit Speak! Cultural Journeys through the African Diaspora, the Revista de Estudios Colombianos, & Engaging Religion among others.

    Michael Stalcup

    Michael Stalcup is a Thai American poet living in Bangkok, Thailand. His poems have been published by over thirty magazines and anthologies including Commonweal Magazine, Ekstasis Magazine, First Things, Red Letter Christians, Sojourners, and Biola University’s Lent Project. Since 2020, Michael has co-led Spirit & Scribe, a workshop helping writers to integrate spiritual formation and writing craft. You can follow him on Instagram @michaelstalcup and find all of his published work at

    The Organizing Institute

    The Organizing Institute exists to strengthen organizing and develop organizers for social change.