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We inspire the church to embody the peace and justice of Jesus through contemplative formation.


In the fall of 2019 in Los Angeles, a group of Christian faith leaders, pastors, speakers, academics, artists, and visionaries came together to dream about transforming the twenty-first century with the peace of Jesus. What would it take to inspire and equip the next generation to pursue peace, justice, and wholeness in the world? And would it be possible to create slow, beautiful, Jesus-centered content and community led by Christians of color to achieve this goal?

It was no accident that, as our team wrestled with these questions, the year 2020 hit. Faced with a global pandemic and forced to navigate this crisis while our country experienced racial unjustice on a national scale, we each found ourselves in conversation with local churches and communities, passionate about living out and embodying justice, restoration, and wholeness in this current moment. Some of these conversations were messy and hard. Some of our team was also navigating the pains of racism and violence against their own personhood and communities. In the midst of all of this, two things became abundantly clear: 1) the church needs tangible resources now to promote the peace of Jesus in the 21st century and 2) these conversations and resources need to be led by Christians of color.

Through mutual learning and shared meals, virtually and in person—Made for Pax was born. Our team literally stretches from coast to coast, from California to New York, Minnesota, Texas, Indiana and beyond. We are a Christian non-profit that is committed to resourcing the church with slow, beautiful, Jesus-centered content to reach the next generation and change the world through the biblical vision of Shalom.

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Pictured: Mondo Scott, Terry Diener, Josh Buck, Rev. Michael Mata, Julie Deiner, Genay Jackson, Drew Jackson, Osheta Moore, Anna Feingold, Michelle Ami Reyes, Missy Pupchik, Kevin Velasquez, Andrew Rillera

Directional Team

Mondo Scott

Mondo Scott is an artist, photographer, and longtime pastor. He finds pax at the intersection of the spiritual and creative, which usually culminates in taking solo sabbath road trips with his camera and a few rolls of 35mm film. Mondo is married to his BFF, Salena, and together they are raising their Gen Z daughter, Selah, to be a radical follower of Jesus in the twenty-first century. They all live, work, and play in Los Angeles, California.
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What We Do

PAX Fellowship

Each year we gather a cohort of BIPOC justice-minded adults (aged 25-35) for a seven-month learning journey to strengthen their faith and explore their next vocational steps for peace and justice. Our unique discipleship fellowship is led by experts in their field, and includes spiritual grounding, contemplative practices, professional development, mentoring, and hands-on projects.

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The Pax StoryArc™ is our multi-sensory publication created by people of color that offers a unique discipleship pathway to help us become more like Jesus. Each StoryArc focuses on some of the biggest topics the next generation is wrestling with, including peace, cultural identity, Jesus and the Bible, nonviolence, migration, and more. Each StoryArc publication offers accompanying resources for individual, group, and church study.

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Pax is building a growing catalog of resources to inspire and equip the next generation to pursue the peace of Jesus. This includes two video-based studies called the Story of Pax and Cross-Shaped Pax. We also offer digital guides in our Marketplace such as a book of prayer on shalom written by and for Gen Z Christians of Color, a cultural identity as resistance Guide, a Lectio Divina guide, and a guide with 6 Steps to Diversify Your Reading of Scripture.

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Pax values slow, beautiful, Jesus-centered content. We collaborate with a diverse group of creatives and artists in order to engage the mind, the senses, and the heart as we seek to become more like Jesus.

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Pax engages in life-giving conversations about peacemaking, justice, and living the contemplative life.

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